About Us

Welcome to Galaxica! Galaxica is a brand new RuneScape Private Server with a lot of excellent content that sets it apart from other servers. We're doing things our own way and would love to bring you on a journey into the land of Galaxica! We're aiming to be the #1 private server focused completely on you, the community. This means that every single update that will be done on Galaxica, will be chosen by you - the community! Our development team is eager to bring out content that will give you the best RSPS experience you've ever had!

Our content is focused on all kinds of players. Do you enjoy PVP? We have perfected our combat system for you and your enemies! Do you enjoy Skilling? We have reworked every single skill, including special tokens obtained by Skilling to assist you in achieving the coolest outfit! Do you like a challenge and like to show-off some outstanding gear? We have several bosses for you to take on and even some serious challenges. But the question is: Can you handle them? Are you more of the type of player who enjoys minigames? We have several minigames for everyone to participate in!

At Galaxica we provide a perfect mix from OSRS, RS3 and custom content for everyone to enjoy

Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit us. See you in-game!

News & Announcements


Official Galaxica Release01/10/2018 -

Hi guys,

It's nearly time!

While Haze and I are working out the last finishing touches, content additions, bug fixes, we also hired an GFX Artist that will be doing the following: Client background, Login interface, Advertisement thread, Advertisement Banner, Logo!

We're nearing the stages of completing our development work before our release!


Mark your calendars, tell your friends, brace yourselves



Final To-Do List10/09/2018 -

Hi guys!

We're nearing the release of Galaxica, we have a small to-do list left, before we can go online! We're heavily dedicated now on these last few steps so we can assure a great server on release!

Current To-Do List:



- Implent voting rewards (x amount of points per site)

- New voting shop

- New donator store

- Change around some teleports

- Change some shops



- Implent a few client additions

- Implent client items

- Implent Particle system in client

- Implent Particle coloring

- Implent new client background

- Implent new client loginscreen



- Create new client background

- Create loginscreen

- Create advertisement thread

- Create advertisement banner





Recent updates 1 to 5 september 201805/09/2018 -

Hi guys,

It's been some days when there was a last updatelog posted. The following updates have been implented the past days!


- Implented prestige system, this contains the following

-- Possible to prestige a maxed skill (200M) 5 times

-- Prestige points currency

-- Prestige Point shop

-- Master SkillCapes when you reach 200M in a skill after prestiging the 5th time! This is a challenge for true skill masters!


- Implented the new OSRS prayers

- New prayerbook interface

- New skills tab interface

- Implented 4 donator bonds, these can be redeemed for your in-game status

- Added donatorpoint currency (Galaxica Tokens)

- Added in different Mystery Boxes

- Fixed a bug in the cache

- Renamed cache