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    • Nice to meet you. I'll see you around once it's released 🙂
    • Hi Bud,   Welcome to Galaxica, thanks for the work so far 🙂
    • Hey guys, Goldensuit1 here. Just thought I would invite you all to join my clan chat BlackKnights when Galaxica is online! Hopefully we can make it the biggest clan online! This clan will be open to anyone of any level, pvp or pve, skilling or melee. I will open this clan up when the server is open, so can't wait to see you all join! 😄
    • What's up everyone, I'm Goldensuit1. I have been in the Galaxica Discord for a few weeks now and can't wait for the final release at the end of October! I'm a real friendly guy, easy to talk too and enjoys getting 99 thieving, as many times as possible 😄 If you have any questions or need some help just send me a message on either the forums or discord, I will try to reply as soon as possible. Can't wait to meet you all in-game!
    • Rules: Please refrain from making multiple threads. Please refrain from bumping your topic, this will always result in your appeal taking longer to be reviewed.   If you were caught botting: The majority of botters who appeal pretend they weren’t botting. This NEVER works. If you were caught botting, it's because we were able to detect it. Pretending that you weren't will automatically get your appeal denied and if you try to lie to us when we have proof, your punishment may be made worse.   Title Format: Username | (Ban/Mute) Appeal | Date   Appeal Format: Username:   Date/Time of punishment:   Punishment received:   Reason for punishment:   Why should your appeal be accepted:   Additional Info:
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